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D-20 Schools

Highly rated school district with IB program

Welcome to the Northgate Neighborhood

Welcome to the Northgate Neighborhood! This Neighborhood extends from the Air Force Academy north to Baptist Road and is a popular area for Buyers looking for Colorado Springs Real Estate. This area includes Flying Horse, Gleneagle, Northgate Highlands, Serenity Park, Trails End, Stones Crossing as well as other smaller neighborhoods. There are several townhome communities with mostly single family homes in established neighborhoods.


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Median Sales Price

Median Sales Price is the middle price in all of the sales for the quarter, where half of the sales are of lower value and half are of higher value. Median prices are more helpful for Buyers and Sellers to use rather than average prices because median prices are unaffected by a few unusually high or low prices, making them more accurate.

Below we compare the average of the last 4 quarters of Median Sales Price for Northgate, TriLakes and Colorado Springs.

Northgate $369,113

TriLakes $388,049

Colorado Springs $230,519

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Days on Market (DOM)

Our statistical data comes from the Pikes Peak REALTOR Services Corporation ("RSC"), more commonly known as the Pikes Peak MLS. Although we don't give statistical data down to the sub-neighborhood level, we feel that the area statistics give buyers and sellers the type of data that they are looking for.

The Days on Market gives buyers and sellers an indication of the average time it takes to sell a home.

Below we compare the average of the last 4 quarters of Median Sales Price for Northgate, TriLakes and Colorado Springs.

Northgate 103 Days on Market

TriLakes 101 Days on Market

Colorado Springs 89 Days on Market

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Northgate Neighborhood

The Northgate area is one of the fastest growing areas in Colorado Springs. With a huge variety of homes, and an abundance of recreation and convenient shopping, there is sure to be an area that appeals to everyone.

There are many areas to enjoy open space around Northgate. Mary Kyer Park is a popular gathering area for picnics, watching the ducks, or letting the little ones burn off some steam. Here are some of our favorite things about this neighborhood as well as some of our favorite things to do here.

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    Variety of Neighborhoods for any budget Northgate is an ideal neighborhood for both growing and mature families. Neighborhoods such as Stones Crossing, Flying Horse and Northgate Highlands have a variety of single family and town home options available.

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    D-20 Academy Schools Nunc volutpat, libero a laoreet semper, leo augue rhoncus nunc, a posuere arcu enim quis metus. Nulla facilisi. Nulla bibendum mattis solli in.

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    Outdoor Recreation A neighborhood Country Club, proximity to the Air Force Academy and multiple parks will keep you busy all year long.
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