About Us

North Gate Homes (previously known as BlueStar Builders & Remodeling) was founded in 2003 by Reinaldo Sucre.

Home building allows Reinaldo to do his favorite things every day: collaborate with the people he meets; see their visions; put them on paper; imagine new designs; bring visions to reality.

Our Awards

Meet Reinaldo

You will quickly learn of Reinaldo’s attention to detail and knack for perfection when you see that he can’t stay away from his job sites. He is a hands-on builder who enjoys being on site and seeing that every last detail is done right, down to each screw and nail used.

His passion for building shows when he educates his clients about the latest construction techniques and waits for the opportunity to show them what is going on behind the walls.

You may see his wife Abby, or their son and two daughters around too; they are long-time residents of Vienna and they love watching what Reinaldo creates!

North Gate Homes

Is a Class A licensed building contractor in the State of Virginia, and is licensed and insured in all local jurisdictions.